Remove the pain from security questionnaires

Totally remove the pain by utilizing our managed service where our team sends you a completed questionnaire with 48h. Alternatively you can use our product directly and dramatically cut down the time to complete questionnaires.

Collaborate with Your Team

Assign questions to co-workers based on subject matter expertise. Review completed questions and approve or provide feedback to your team.

Answering Automated

Our system understands and responds to 100s of questions within seconds. For un-answered questions, your custom tailored knowledgebase has your back.

Close Deals Faster

Respond to potential customers quickly and professionally resulting faster sales cycles. Our goal is the enablement of your sales team to close deals.

How does SecureDawn help

Move deals through your funnel - fast

SecureDawn completes the majority of most questionnaires within seconds cutting the time to complete by 85% on average.

NLP algorithms that keep learning

With every completed question, SecureDawn becomes more intelligent, answering more questions so you don’t have to.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team

Enable subject matter experts within your team to respond to questions you don’t know the answer to.

Get started now.

Discover how easy security questionnaires should be.




Plan includes:
  • 5 Users
  • Customer Security Portal
  • 5 Questionnaires / Month
  • E-mail Support

Managed Service

Plan includes:
  • Questionnaires completed for you
  • Dedicated Security Pro
  • 48h turn around
  • Switch to un-managed anytime

50+ fortune 1000 companies have had questionnaires answered by SecureDawn.