Your Security Portal Conveys Trust to Your Customers

Switch from reactive to proactive by providing an easy to digest security portal.

Automatically Generated

Upload questionnaires you have answered for customers and SecureDawn will generate your portal based on answers you already wrote.

Close Deals Faster

Presenting your security posture ahead of your customer sending questionnaires can lead to fewer or even no questions.

Public and Private

Make some data points public for the world to see and others require your customer request access. Your Security Portal can disseminate policies, certifications, and other assets.

Your customers request access to sensitive data.

Good security means ensuring only those with a "need-to-know" can access certain data-points and assets. SecureDawn's Security Portal makes it simple for your customer to request access for information they need.

Approve / Deny

When a customer requests access you will be notified and can easily allow/deny requests.

Integrated with site widgets such as Intercom or Google Analytics.

Integrated with site widgets such as Intercom or Google Analytics.

Your Domain. Your Style.

Your security and your brand are front and center. Your Security Portal has simple configurations to integrate your portal with your existing website and brand.

Custom Domain

Point to your security portal to stay consistent with branding.

Your Logo. Matching Colors.

Upload your logo, favicon, and select a color theme that matches your branding.

SecureDawn generates responses for data-points using questionnaires you've completed in the past or write a new response.

Starting with the intelligence in SecureDawn, your security portal will come together faster than you might think!